Se signaler dans la nuit, c'est s'attacher à la vie :)

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Le 22/11/2016 France3  a réalisé l'émission ROUTE67 sur notre mini-entreprise. Le reportage est à voir :)


Jeudi 17 publication d'un superbe article dans le journal gratuit 20 minutes avec une description détaillée de nos activités et de notre enthousiasme.

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Se signaler dans la nuit, c'est s'attacher à la vie :)

This year the middle school's mini-company adapts itself to the reform and will hence be developed in an EPI. The students of Illkirch's middle school have chosen to tackle a very important issue : security. Indeed, they've noticed that in Germany, there are less accidents on the way from school than in France. This fact seems to be because our friends past the border have to wear a reflecting light.

They decided to modernize a signaling system by making it more fun thanks to high-tech component. The product will be build with Arduino a technologie "open source". They'll program, design and clamp the product in autonomy.

We have the huge pleasure to announce to you that Würth elektronik will sponsor us for the implementation of the product. This help will be more than welcome and Mr. Barthel will let us know about the commercial and technical difficulties.

Miss Guillaume (France Commercial association president)has already assured us of her support to help our commercial employees in the product's sale.

We have all the assets to do as well as every other mini-company before.

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